A new wellness program: the Antico Thermale Romano Philosophy

Since allopathic medicine has replaced in an institutional and radical way the use of Naturopathy and the knowledge used in antiquity to treat the causes of diseases and illnesses, other areas dedicated to personal care have in fact forgotten the validity of the teachings of our ancients. In fact, in this period, people who turn to experts and doctors find a fragmented and sectoral support and for years now with the advent of technology has become all a do-it-yourself.
The business of pharmaceutical companies and other sectors has oriented the proposals of comfort drugs or, for example, devices for the treatment of the human body in the presence of pain or other problems, so that operators and specialists no longer deal with in-depth assessments of the person, but rather creating a widespread discontent and concern in users and an increasingly relentless search for Experts, Doctors and Operators oriented to offer medical or aesthetic or nutritional advice that takes into account the principles of the old and outdated medicine for the care and well-being of the person. Today people do not know the difference between doctor, nutritionist, osteopath, physiotherapist, masseur, pharmacist, beautician, holistic operator, personal trainer and so on.
Each one of these professional figures deals both with areas specific to their own professional figure and with topics that fall within the other professions. The motivations can be various; some clients have often reported to me that many doctors, because they are such, proposed themselves as nutritionists and proposed the same nutrition sheets for all patients, underlining their role in reinforcing the validity of the new knowledge.
There are physiotherapists who are supposed to deal with traumas that instead propose themselves as masseurs without the knowledge and experience of how to treat or analyze a person who has aesthetic or physical or pain-related problems but without relevance to their skills, such as confusion with the role of the osteopath. There is the beautician, who takes care of the person’s body, but has forgotten how to make a correct aesthetic evaluation and proposes as solutions packages with machines without knowing how to use them optimally.
From all this awareness, fruit of the experience of my clients in years of work between: aesthetics, massages, nutritional advice and Naturopathy that the Ancient Thermale Romano Philosophy Method was born. The combination of information in all aspects (medical, nutritional, lifestyle) used to identify a reliable method based on elements taken from methods and treatments used before the allopathic medicine took hold, have allowed the realization of this project.
And the results obtained on the clients a sample of 250 clients between 7 and 75 years of age, under the 3 profiles (Body, mind and vitality) makes it emerge as a method destined to change the rules adopted until now by those who deal with these areas.
Singular on all these clients has been a common denominator: the stressful lifestyle or in the case of children critical family situations. Apart from the case of children, which will be a chapter in itself, in the case of the other subjects, I have grouped two situations of analysis: A mixed group of men and women, about 100 people with problems related to lymphatic circulation difficulties and therefore in the presence of lymphedema.
Another 100 people, on the other hand, only women between 23 and 75 years of age, with different health problems (laziness, pregnancy, work stress, post oncology, family problems, health problems such as arthrosis, or gastritis) who, however, presented the same “aesthetic” problem as Lipoedeme; partial, localized or diffuse, mild but also severe. The analysis showed that all these subjects, while trying to maintain a more or less regular lifestyle, according to standards, in reality not only did not manage to lose weight, but their aesthetic state continued to worsen or in any case did not improve, worsening their vital state and also their health.
The appearance of the diaper, however, was always the same. Over the years, they had all undergone treatments, mostly Vodder lymph drainage and a very restrictive diet, on the advice of doctors and physiotherapists. None had ever heard of, for example, supplements, vitamin deficiency. They all thought they had cellulite or water retention.
I even remember a 24-year-old girl who had enrolled in the gym and the personal trainer had prepared an anaerobic training card for her and shortly afterwards she had added a massive dose of lactic acid and retention, further worsening her appearance.
From here I started to collect more precise data, in some cases even proposing visits to Endocrinologist to understand what kind of ingredients and cosmetics I could use, or from other specialists.
Observing for a research need their routine blood tests, it was noticeable that for example the values of iron, ferritin, good cholesterol, glycemia, appeared in the range more low. After the first energetic rebalancing treatments using mixed techniques combined with phytotherapeutic products, these subjects already reacted with more vitality and the desire to take care of themselves.
Their concern was to be able to follow the indications and suggestions that could appear rigid even at a dietary or sports level.
Thanks to a personalized protocol using my research on ancient methods without neglecting the support of recent innovations, and in collaboration with aesthetic doctors and dermatologists, or aesthetic devices but only marginally, I was able to verify that this was the right way to obtain surprising results in very few sessions.
This is where the massage courses according to the Antico Thermale Romano Philosophy method and the recipes for cabin products and their use in home protocol come from. The personal satisfaction of all these clients came about with the awareness that these people had understood two important things: the first is fundamental in the method, which is to be wary of those who offer only partial body treatments; the massages of the Antico Thermale Romano method involve working on the whole body and in just 40 minutes you can still get the necessary benefits for the person.
The second thing concerns constancy, with a protocol that has foreseen the rhythms and the psychological needs of people. The Antico Thermale Romano Philosophy method also has this characteristic.
People become self-sufficient and can afford every now and then to transgress at food level without guilt, or even preferring to a session at the gym, shopping or a walk in the open air, because having been informed about the causes of their problem they have learned to manage their lifestyle with serenity. With regard to the Antico Thermale Romano Philosophy, a new, more complete professional figure is emerging who can finally be the point of reference by collaborating with those who deal with Allopathic Medicine and those who deal with aesthetics, without forgetting Holistic. We can call him Operator Professional Holistic Aesthetic method Antico Thermale Romano Philosophy.